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Modernization of handbooks on Higher Mathematics using ICT’s
Regional Communal Higher Educational Institution “Strategy” the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Zholtye Vody, Gagarina 38, 52201

 An important part of educational activities is updating of textbooks and handbooks, in particular, on Higher Mathematics. Taking into account the modular credit system of education, chapters are compiled according to modules. The materials include basic notions, facts, formulas and theorems and are supplemented by examples of solving mathematical problems both on paper and with the help of MathCAD, MatLab or Excel.  The increase in students’ work efficiency, as well as visuality and convenience of studying process using a modernized handbook, are reached with the help of informational and communicative technologies (ICT).

Key words: informational and communicative technologies, handbook, modernization, studying process efficiency.


Секции-декабрь 2012