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Aitchanov B.H., Baimuratov O.A., Kozhamzharova D.K., NikulinV.V.

Structural transformation and Analysis of a Control System Based on Digital Dynamic Pulse Frequency Modulation for Objects with Transport Delay

Kazakh National Technical University after K.I.Satpaev

Almaty, Satpaeva 22

This paper we considered the process of structural transformation of the digital control system with dynamic digital pulse-frequency modulator, whose behavior is described by difference equations, supplemented by logical relations. To exclude the logical conditions of DPFM there was built an equivalent discrete nonlinear digital system, where parametric connections are replaced to the signal ones. Our simulation experiments demonstrate that our nonlinear control system offers adequate representation of the digital dynamic pulse-frequency modulator and has advantages compared to previously developed solutions. Also, this work confirms that the structural transformation is unique in the study of nonlinear systems in particular in digital control systems with digital dynamic pulse-frequency modulator.

Keywords - pulse-frequency modulation, controlled plant, discrete filter, pulse generator, microcontroller


Секции-март 2013